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Gillian Pelkonen

"The only thing worse than being nervous about performing would be not performing."

Gillian Pelkonen headshot
Gillian Pelkonen

Gillian Pelkonen edits, mixes, and produces great audio.

Gillian met Jim + the Lotas team during a Syracuse-led internship event in the winter of 2019. She started working on and off with the team during the summer of 2019 and dove head first into the industry after graduating from Syracuse University with a M.A. in Audio Arts. She also holds a dual B.A. in Television, Radio, and Film & Creative Writing, also from Syracuse.

When not working at Lotas, Gillian is an Engineering Assistant at several music recording studios in Upstate New York. She lives along the Hudson with her lovely cat, Felix.

Gillian Pelkonen

Cats, music + coffee: the trifecta

Before entering the corporate world, Gillian spent 5 years working as a barista. She still has an undying love for Americanos + unique coffee makers.

Listen to Gillian's music! (more coming soon)

Gill takes audio seriously...

George Lucas once said, "Sound is 50 percent of the movie-going experience, and I've always believed audiences are moved and excited by what they much as by what they see." Sound quality has become the ugly stepchild of the entertainment industry, but it is so easy to educate yourself or find someone to help you achieve the audio set up + sound of your (and your clients') dreams. I care about audio - and so should you!


Connect with Gillian

INSTAGRAM /gillwitheg
TIKTOK /gillwiththeg


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