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Recording Program Suggestions

Recording software is so easy to use now, and there are so many choices! Which type of recording software you need to buy is going to depend on what you plan to use it for.

Are you strictly a Voice Over Artist?

If so, I recommend a recording suite like Adobe Audition. It's user friendly, short-key friendly, and video tutorials available are excellent. Adobe charges a monthly subscription fee, and if you already use some Adobe products through CC or you're a student currently enrolled at any level at a college or university, Adobe offers you discounts or bundling options. Check it out HERE.

Are you musically inclined, and/or interested in recording instruments or vocals?

If so, I recommend Reaper. It’s a full throttle DAW (digital audio workstation) with amazing customization. At $60 for a non-commercial license, Reaper is an affordable option if programs like Pro Tools or Logic are out of your budget. Plus, Reaper's customer service is top notch. Check it out HERE.

And don't take just my word on it! Great programs are out there, and you may find that another works way better for you and your needs. Hopefully this is a springboard for you to use when you start building out your own studios!

May the auditions be ever in your favor!

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