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SOVAS Presents: The State of VO

We ❤️️ finding the right voices for great projects. Jim wants to find out if you’re one of them.

Joan Baker & Marc Guss host a Zoomcast with Lotas' Jim Kennelly on Thursday, March 18th. RSVP for FREE to participate, get exclusive casting and auditioning insight, and be invited to audition for future consideration via Lotas Productions - only for The State Of VO participants.

Lotas Productions is known as much for their stellar casting as they are for finding fresh, new voices that express the diversity and inclusion that make up the vast global landscape.

Lotas is focused on the future, always looking at how potential new technologies and trends may impact the voiceover industry. While many are waiting to see what havoc AI and synthetic voices will bring, Jim’s taking the topic head-on, and looking realistically at ways the voiceover community can benefit.


WHAT: Free LIVE Zoomcast

WHEN: Thursday, Mar 18, 2021, 7:00 PM EST/4 PM PST

WHERE: Online via Zoom - sign up here >>

WHO: Marc Guss & Joan Baker - Hosts

Jim Kennelly - Guest Director

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