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Allergy Season Tea

Allergies are a career killer for voiceover talents this time of year.

Spring is in the air! And so are a couple hundred types of tree and plant pollen 🌷😷🤧🌼 The threat of stuffy noses, scratchy throats and sinus infections can put you out of commission for weeks.

Rosemary and nettle leaf are major allergy and inflammation fighters, so they'll keep your pathways clear. Honey is antiseptic and soothing, so it'll kill anything living in your throat and keep it nice and coated. Keep your pipes clean and clear this year with this allergy remedy to get you through the pollen count!


Allergy Tea ingredients & instructions

Dried rosemary (or rosemary tea) • Nettle leaf tea • Honey
  1. Boil water and then steep the dried rosemary and nettle leaf tea together.

  2. Steep for 5-8 minutes.

  3. Strain, add your honey, and you're set!

Here's to making it through another Spring! May the auditions be ever in your favor! 🎤🎧


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