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Lotas Productions handles your recording project from start to finish. We’ll cast & record, direct, edit, mix, and produce your audio, delivering broadcast-ready files and managing talent payment. From commercials and narrations to podcasts and app creation, we’ve got you covered. Lotas embraces change and continual learning and improvement. We are committed to a vision of a new voice economy and building the capabilities-technological and human-that let you achieve it. Reach out with your project details…we’ll handle the rest.

We'll find & record the voices you need.

Global Voice Casting, Audio Recording & Production

Podcast Production

Digital Voice Production

Audio recording & post production for commercials, apps, global customization & emerging platforms.

International Voice Casting

Talent Services

Voices for Union, non-union, global, political ads / celebrity negotiation and access to award-winning talent.

Play Voice Samples

Layal WatfehArabic
Olive HueCantonese
Melvin VermeerDutch
Tony ChenMandarin
Sophie SorensonEnglish
Rupa KrishnanHindi
Heike BachmannGerman
Martha HarmsEnglish
Myrna CabelloSpanish / English
Jamie MuffettEnglish (UK)
Yan XiMandarin
Pilar UribeSpanish
Marie-Pierre BeausejourFrench
Yoshi AmaoJapanese
Monica SteuerBrazilian
Malik RashadEnglish
Cynthia KimolaSwahili
Jesse EstradaSpanish / English
Flo AnkahFrench
Andrea BalsaSpanish / English
Larissa GallagherEnglish
Mario BrassardFrench (Canadian)
Jennifer FitzgeraldEnglish (Irish)
Alan KellyGaelic
David CuiJapanese
Robb MoreiraSpanish / English
Jackie BrownSpanish / English
Sura SiuThai / English
Amuche ChukudebeluEnglish
Nataliz JimenezSpanish / English
Wolf WilliamsEnglish
Young ChoiKorean
Xavier PaulEnglish
Bhavnisha ParmarEnglish
Terry de FeliceItalian
Brian LafontaineEnglish
Rebecca LeeEnglish
Kesha MonkEnglish
Antonio FornarisSpanish / English
Matt CowlrickEnglish (Australian)
Bobbi OwensEnglish
Brendan McNultyEnglish
Saori GotaJapanese
Kelly McGeeEnglish
Kymberly TuttleEnglish
Zania SalaSpanish / English
Sakshi SharmaHindi
Jorge Infante JrSpanish / English
Tina ZarembaEnglish
Nophie MitchellEnglish

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The right voice can make a message truly connect, and we’ve got the perfect one for you. Lotas talent are available in English or over 50+ languages & dialects, and can be booked around the globe. When it comes to casting, nothing compares to the human ear, and ours have been in the industry long enough to know great sound, and we maintain our relationships to ensure quality & consistency in an ever-changing market. Play featured voice samples here, and reach out to audition voices for your project.

Are you a voice talent?

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Multi-lingual Voice Casting

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Audio Casting, Recording, and Production

With over 35 years industry experience, Lotas Productions offers international casting, direction, production, and talent payment services. We use emerging technology to connect clients with diverse voices from around the globe, and specialize in creating the perfect audio sound for each unique project. 


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