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Digital Voice Casting & Production

Graphic displaying text "The Future is Here: Digital Voice Casting, Creation, and Production" with robot face

Looking for AI voice solutions? Lotas can help.

Lotas synthetic voices make AI approachable and actionable.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming a partner in creativity, and is opening up new realms of inventive possibility. Next-Gen marketers know that to deliver the personalization and experiences the modern consumer expects, we must become ever smarter and more tech-savvy. Lotas Productions created its AI division to research and implement best practices in the casting and development of digital voice models across multiple languages, dialects, and ethnicities.

Create Personalized consumer experiences at scale.

The truth is, AI possesses the power to change everything about the way companies communicate. Lotas Productions' synthetic voice casting & production services help build an action plan for embracing change and adapting voice-first technology. When deciding to use a synthetic voice, brands must consider cost-effectiveness, scalability, and what it means to create personalized experiences for consumers, making content more accessible to the communities being served.

Working in unison with top tech companies, Lotas is here to help cast, edit, and produce your digital AI voices.

We team with global designers and developers to deliver conversational speech-to-speech voices (STS) or neural text-to-speech (TTS) voices at speed and scale. Our voices dramatically increase brand longevity, adaptability, and consistency. Lotas will cast and create personalized and localized content in real-time using custom brand voices or license unique voices - available in over 100 languages with customized dialects and accents!

Innovation requires collaboration.

We are at the beginning of a new era of voice technology - an era where voice actors should be fairly compensated for their expertise during the creation of a new voice economy. This new voice economy will be built with awe-inspiring technology, and will require collaboration. As part of the Open Voice Network, we help develop contract guidelines for voice actors, producers, designers and brands. Equitable & fair contract negotiation, including usage, payments, and copyrights are of equal interest to all parties, and Lotas is committed to helping both actors and developers move forward in a technologically-advanced world through communication.


Voice-first Production Services

Whatever your role in sonic technology, we’re a partner you can rely on to help create your modern voice experience. Let us handle the details, so you can create on-brand voice solutions.


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