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About Lotas Productions

Sam Ufret, Gillian Pelkonen, Jim Kennelly, Marion Kennelly of Lotas Productions
Team Lotas

Reach out to Lotas - we'll find your voice!

From finding the perfect voice; recording, directing, editing, mixing, and producing through getting everyone paid (we handle union and non-union paymaster solutions!). Vertical casting for the emerging markets and the needs of digital campaigns is something we focus on. We offer diverse voice talent in every language for every project.

Lotas maintains longstanding relationships with the top talent agencies in New York, LA and Chicago, and internationally in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. We embrace emerging technologies to keep actors and clients connected, active & safe, and are proud to work closely with companies and organizations that share a common creative vision and rigor.

Our process is simple.


You send us your project details and we handle the rest.

You'll receive auditions within hours and choose the perfect voice for your project. We'll set up and run the recording session, and deliver your broadcast-ready files.


Our services include:

Global Voice Casting

Voices for Union, non-union, global, political ads / celebrity negotiation and access to award-winning talent.

Audio Production

Recording & post production for commercials, promos, apps, global customization & emerging platforms.

Podcast Production

Complete podcast recording, mixing, sound design + casting & digital connections for innovative podcast creators.

Digital Voice Casting & Production

International casting & recording services for smart technologies, sonic branding concepts, synthetic ads + more...

Talent & Payment Services

SAG-AFTRA signatory services talent payment management, from estimates to holding fees and more.

How can we help?

Jim, Marion, Sam, and Gillian are all ears. We embrace emerging technologies (ask us about our digital voice!) to keep actors and clients connected, active, and safe. We are proud to work closely with companies and organizations that share a common creative vision and rigor, and hope to connect sometime soon!

↓ Start your project by reaching out below ↓


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