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Talent & Payment Services


We handle all aspects of talent payment

From estimates, pension & health payments, holding fees, state and federal tax filings, worker’s comp insurance to annual W-2’s - Lotas has you covered. Whether we manage the whole process for you, or help you to do it, our process will streamline your work and make your project more efficient.

Talent & Residual Cost Estimates

We send monthly reminders of upcoming holding fees & cycle expirations. Just give us the status of your commercial and we’ll process the talent payments.

Holding Fee Notices and Cycle Expiration Reports

Whether it’s one commercial in a few markets, or an annual budget covering a full range of uses, we provide fast, accurate, easy-to-read estimates of the costs involved

Talent Inquiries

We field questions from talent and their agents regarding commercial use, talent payments, all the paperwork, forms, etc.

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