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AI Resource List for Voice Actors

Voice-first technology has learned how to take its first steps. We need to help teach it to walk...


Start With Education

An in-depth conversation about voice, AI, and sonic branding is happening across industries. If you're confused about what digital voice is, how it works, or what that means for voice actors, we've put together a few resources to help get you started.

Learn with Lotas:

Hear Sam & Judy Fossum talk Voice and AI: Inside AI Production with Anne Ganguzza on VO BOSS

Watch Jim's appearance on The Voicefluencer Show with Dr. Teri Fisher

Catch Sam & Jim's interview with Jodi Krangle on the Audio Branding Podcast

Listen as Jim & Nick Sawka discuss Voice and AI: Development and Negotiations with Anne Ganguzza on VO BOSS

Jim chats Voiceover Industry + AI with Voice in Canada

Listen to a Podcast:

Sound in Marketing hosted by Jeanna Isham

All Things Audio by Big Tent Audio

VO BOSS Podcast with Anne Ganguzza

The Voce Bot Podcast with Bret Kinsella

Audio Branding hosted by Jodi Krangle

This Week in Voice hosted by Bradley Metrock

Catch an Article or News Story:

“Social Media: an Artist’s Key to Freedom” • Common Thread Entertainment

Read a Book:


Keep Going - Check Out Industry Movers & Shakers

Discover what voice-first organizations, developers, and creatives currently offer, and check out which new ideas they're working on.

Audio / AI Companies & Organizations


Then Add Your Voice to the Mix

Want to get involved, or still have questions? Get connected with other like-minded people at voiceover & tech conferences, or join a group where discussions are happening.

Join a group.

Attend conferences and events.

Get to Work - View Templates & Guidelines

Equity's Guidance on AI work

Equity is working on an awareness campaign urging talents to check their contracts and be vigilant when it comes to taking AI work. An article with their most common red flags can be found here, and a PDF of Equity's campaign demands is also available.

OVN's Guidelines for Ethical Voice Experiences

Open Voice Network's white paper outlines a framework for creating ethical practices for interacting with voice technology. OVN's guide talks about how to optimize the benefits of voice experiences and reduce their potential harms. The full white paper is available here.

Beyond Words Contract Template

If you're looking to synthesize your own voice, Beyond Words has a template you can use as a reference for writing up your own AI contract with a company looking to synthesize your voice.

Voice Services Agreement Template (VSAT) Beyond Words
Download PDF • 309KB


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