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Catch Jim on The Voicefluencer Show

Jim Voicefluencer Teri Fisher

The Voicefluencer Show replay

This is the Prequel. Stay tuned for the main event - coming up September 29th...

As you all know, Jim will be speaking on The Voice Den on September 29th. As a prequel to the event, Dr. Teri Fisher had Jim on The Voicefluencer Show. They discussed changes in the VO Industry, voice dub regulations and diverse casting.

Whether you're a talent or producer, emerging technology is there to help you. Dream about it, learn about it, and then make it happen.

This is only the beginning of the AI Discussion. Catch the replay on YouTube. If you want to hear more, tune in to The Voice Den on September 29th at 8PM EST. The event will be streamed on Clubhouse and followed by an AR After Party - the perfect way to engage in cutting edge conversation while staying socially distant!

Want more?

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