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Lotas is committed to using emerging technologies to promote global connections, and we’re proud to work closely with companies and organizations that share that vision. Whether you’re considering adding voice-first technology or sonic branding to your business, or have questions about any part of that process, reach out below for help.


Witlingo logo


Voice enabling the world.

Witlingo's clients create, publish, and manage digital radio channels powered by the voice of their audiences.

Voice Spark Live logo

Voice Spark Live

Knowing the Power of Voice.

Voice Spark helps people learn and understand the power of voice and speech technology through honest stories of entrepreneurs, developers, and individuals on their journey.

Opus Research logo

Opus Research

Consulting, planning and analysis of Conversational Commerce and #voicefirst initiatives.

Opus Research, founded 1986, coined the term "Conversational Commerce". We are a diversified advisory and analysis firm providing critical insight on opportunities that merge intelligent assistant technologies, conversational intelligence, intelligent authentication, enterprise collaboration and digital commerce.

Dreamr Productions

Dreamr Productions

We create, consult, and educate on the power of sound in marketing.

Dreamr Productions creates, consults and educates on the power of sound in marketing. We work with brands and companies to tell their sound stories using all forms of sound and voice first technology. We also partner with other companies that can help this happen smoothly and seamlessly.

Digital Assistant Academy logo

Digital Assistant Academy

Setting the standard in voice technology learning

Digital Assistant Academy provides training, certifications and consultation in the niche technologies like voice interaction design/conversation design. We believe that when acquiring any skills you need to focus on functional and non functional skills. Our training is designed to provide you a blend of both functional and non functional skills to use your potential to its complete capacity.

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Audio-first Content Marketing

Dante32, a full-service podcast agency, teaches companies how to use the ultimate business tool—their voice—to elevate a brand, create connection, and drive new business outcomes.

Conversational Technologies logo

Conversational Technologies

We help our clients turn speech and language technologies into solutions.

Conversational Technologies provides expertise in the state of the art of speech, natural language and multimodal technologies through reports, analysis, testing, training, and design services that enable its clients to apply these technologies in creating compelling mobile, desktop, and cloud solutions.


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Audio Casting, Recording, and Production

With over 35 years industry experience, Lotas Productions offers international casting, direction, production, and talent payment services. We use emerging technology to connect clients with diverse voices from around the globe, and specialize in creating the perfect audio sound for each unique project. 


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Lotas Productions


Lotas Productions


Lotas Productions