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Podcast Production

Personalized Recording & Post-Production Services

Your podcast, delivered.

From specialized recording services and professional post production to dynamic details and special touches that will help you stand out, we’ve got you covered. At Lotas, you’ll get one-on-one attention during your sessions, and mixes that reflect your show’s creative purpose.

Lotas is all-in for your podcast. We are available for creative brainstorming, scheduling, marketing, planning launches, recording episodes, editing, producing bumpers, and publishing to streaming services. We build each podcast plan based on client needs, We are as involved in the creative process as you want, and have the speed + experience to turn around your podcast for your ideal schedule.

We'll record, edit, and mix your show.


Want to podcast?

Record and produce in-house, and schedule remote sessions with our global partner studios.


Global Casting

Need a great voice? We'll find the perfect vocal match for your podcast.

Digital Connections

You're in New York and your guest is in Mumbai? We'll connect you in one, seamless audio experience.

Sound Design

Looking for a personalized touch? We’ll create finishing touches like custom-branded intros & outros.

Commercials & In-show Promos

Market your way to success! We'll produce your in-show commercials and enhance your sponsorship appeal.

Quality Recording

Want your podcast to stand out? We’ll record, edit and mix your concept into polished, professional sound.

Here's a sample of our work

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