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Connect with the Present & Expand the Future

Technology will advance in new & exciting ways in 2023!

As the future of work changes, we will need to develop ways to collaborate creatively with AI. Luckily, Gen Z will soon be running the voice over industry, and they are a digital-forward group who know that diversity creates innovation, and who strive for authenticity within a rapidly shifting audio environment. At this moment, when “tech-forward voices” are sought after, we’ve never been in greater need of a generation of thinkers, doers, and change-makers to help navigate such uncharted territory.

“Each of us has the power to profoundly impact the world of voice around us.”

AI is no longer stuck in a cycle of hype.

We’ve made the leap into the growth phase, and are now establishing new benchmarks within the tech space, advertising world, and voice over marketplace. The future of voice work will require entirely new ways of thinking and working, and talent who want to remain viable will be responsible for maintaining relevant skills…because there won’t be a shortage of talent, but there will be a shortage of talent with these skills.

Everyone deserves good design.

An inescapable reality is that today’s customers expect new heights of personalization at a rapid delivery pace. It’s our job, as producers, to consistently expand our services and deliver what consumers want, and right now, this means focusing on new ways to personalize engagement. Micro-targeting of messaging based on individual human behavior is now possible, and technology makes it easier and faster to hyper-personalize ideas for brands.

What should I expect as a talent?

The introduction of AI into the industry and life is a huge step forward. It’s also a huge change, and certainly can feel chaotic at times. A lot of talent want to know which jobs will be ‘safe’ and which will be ‘lost’, but these aren’t questions anyone currently has answers to. Just like with any significant shift within an industry, humans will find ways to adapt and thrive within new environments, and our technological future will likely be amazing. Just like with any aspect of voice over, there is no set formula for success - that comes from learning to flow with situations as they arise.

We really are all in this together.

We will all have to wait to see exactly what types of lasting impact AI will have on creative industries like ours. Embracing change will be important, and building good skills for the future, such as resilience and adaptability, will be key. The more we learn, the more prepared we are as change happens. Working together to build structures with like-minded professionals will ensure we can all benefit from the upcoming advances in voice technology. If you can be responsive and adaptive as a voice talent, agency, or audio production studio, you’re likely to find success within this new landscape.


Connect to the present. Expand the future.

At Lotas Productions, we’re building a culture that embraces change, experimentation, and continual improvement. We are committed to embracing a vision for the future and steadily building the capabilities, technological & human, that help you achieve it. Currently, Lotas is building use cases for Voice and AI, and we’re excited to help bring digital voice solutions to marketplace in ways that benefit creators and consumers alike.

JIM KENNELLY - OWNER / PRODUCER - For over 35 years, Jim has specialized in finding the right voice for all kinds of media... READ MORE >>


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