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How many demos should I have?

Demos are your calling card, a sign that you've decided to make voiceover a serious part of your professional career (and in my case here at the studio, a quick way for me to send your voice out to potential clients for audition callbacks!).

Demos can get expensive, but if you approach things with a good strategy, making and updating your professional demos shouldn't break the bank. The money will be well spent on the work of a professional producer & engineer who'll bring out your best.

If you're looking to put together your first demo or build another in multiple genres, here are a few takeaways:

Build a commercial demo first

Commercial demos often reflect the entirety of your skills as a voice actor, so it's not uncommon to hear character acting, anthem reads, narration, and other genres all on this one file. Make this the demo with your most dynamic reads in case multiple demos aren't an option for you right now.

Build a demo for a special skill or genre

As you find your voice, you'll see which particular genres build more of your repertoire than others. Down the road, you may come to find you're great at political reads or documentary narration. Make sure you eventually make a demo that highlights your special skills.

Build a demo for a genre or skill that interests you

Also think of a demo in a genre that interests you as well. (ie. One day, you'd like to work in animation or audiobooks, so create an audiobook demo as you have the means).

Have fun making your demo! May the auditions be ever in your favor 🎙🎧❤


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