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Celebrations, Surprises, and Digital Assistants...

the latest at lotas

Casting, Celebrations, and Cake

My sisters and I attended the Christening of my nephews daughter, Carol and I attended a wedding in Philadelphia, and I went to The Bake Shop on 20th. It’s really good. Professionally, I'm especially interested and excited about casting. We are making use of three new talent directories: one for AA and Asian voices, one for Queer Voices and one of Voices with Disabilities.

Today's younger producers look for and expect authenticity in all voice over casting.


August Surprises

A few nice August surprises: Boeheim's Army Wins TBT (The Basketball Tournament) and unexpected success in the garden growing a Spaghetti Squash with an assist and support from a quince bush.


Family Time & Back to School

The past month or so brought a lot of time with family - a few weeks celebrating my Grandmother's birthday - as well as a new reason to buy fresh notebooks and study late at night in bed. I started a course at the Digital Assistant Academy on Voice Interaction Design and that sure has kept me busy, but is worth and coming in handy with all the AI voice projects we've been working on.


Sam's life lately

Big Life Changes

It has been a big month of big changes for lil old me! Moving away from my 5 year stint at Syracuse has made this orange heart feel blue, but Im excited for all that is coming.

Professionally, I've been able to meet and work with so many amazing talents at Lotas as well as dabbling in the AI world.

One month down in a new city, but I'm taking it one Farmers' Market at a time.


Gill's life lately


Upcoming in September


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