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Sam Ufret

"My goal in life is to be remembered as a menace to society..."

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Sam Ufret

Sam records & directs sessions + sends THE BEST casting notices.

Since 2017, Sam’s been running the board at Lotas, delivering perspective & feedback during sessions, and creating those fun, fresh casting notices. Sam shakes up the voiceover industry on their everyday mission as an agent provocateur, and researches emerging tech both in and outside voice. A firm believer in “radical compassion,” Sam helps new talent with tech, hardware, and software so they can hit the ground running with their home studio setup.

A graduate of American University’s School of Communications, Sam got their start in audio at Federal News Network and WTOP in Washington D.C. as a producer, writer, and board operator before moving back North for a gig in the Big Apple. Ask them about animation, cartoons, and gaming if you want a serious conversation about all things FUN - Sam’s a loud & proud nerd, and will talk your ear off about this stuff.

Sam Ufret

More of that ham...

As a New Jersey native, Sam has opinions about pineapple on pizza, whether Central Jersey exists, and which side of the Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham hill to die on (A: absolutely not B: it doesn’t C: Taylor Ham all the way). And if you happen to play Guild Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, Dislyte, or TF2…

Sam's always on the lookout for new mutuals!

Guest Speaking Events

Sam appears as a special guest on podcasts, panels, and more...


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INSTAGRAM /themgineersam
LINKEDIN /sam-ufret


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