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Join Jim for a Performance-boosting Workshop

Voice Over Xtra Presents: Performance that Books

with Anne Ganguzza, Lau Lapides, and Jim Kennelly

Thursday, January 12th - 8PM EST

Casting pros Lau Lapides and Lotas Production’s Jim Kennelly join Anne Ganguzza for an interactive performance workshop focused on nailing today’s current reads. Get direction and feedback, practice new techniques, and build confidence in the latest delivery styles. Learn what’s trending, dive into what it means to be authentically conversational, and hone your sound for our modern marketplace.

Plus: Anne, Lau and Jim will answer your questions in a lively Q&A.

Led by

Anne Ganguzza • Voice Talent / Producer / Host

Lau Lapides • Founder & President of Lau Lapides Company

Jim Kennelly • Founder / Owner • Lotas Productions

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