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Jim's Book and Podcast Picks for AI Education

Book and Podcast Recommendations for Voice Actors Curious about AI

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As the head of a production company navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the industry, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of synthetic voice and AI technologies. In this post, I'm excited to share my personal recommendations for books and podcasts that will empower voice actors and audio professionals to delve into the world of synthetic voice, AI, and the synthetic voice market. These resources have been my compass on this exciting journey, and I hope they'll serve as yours too.

Recommended Books

Build for Tomorrow by Jason Feifer

Change unfolds through four distinct phases: initial panic, adaptation, the discovery of a new normal, and the unexpected realization that we wouldn't want to return to the past. "Build for Tomorrow" expedites this process, reducing panic, facilitating quicker adaptation, defining a fresh status quo, and ensuring future success. Its release coincides with a universal sense of transformation, as the pandemic triggered collective change, compelling us to reimagine our lives, families, and careers. For many, there's no turning back; we persist in remote work, demand better compensation, or embark on entrepreneurial ventures. Purchase here >>

What We Owe the Future by William MacAskill

The destiny of our world and the generations to come rests squarely in our control. With an updated foreword, "What We Owe the Future" advocates for long-term thinking, emphasizing that shaping a better distant future should be our paramount moral concern. Simply reversing climate change or preventing pandemics is insufficient. Our responsibility extends to ensuring that if civilization were to falter, it would rise again, preserving moral progress and readying itself for a future where digital entities may surpass human intelligence. By making prudent decisions today, we pave the way for our grandchildren's prosperity, assuring them of a world imbued with justice, hope, and beauty, knowing we've done all we could to bequeath them such a legacy. Purchase here >>

Impromptu by Reid Hoffman

Impromptu is a collaborative work authored by Reid Hoffman in conjunction with GPT-4. This book embarks on a journey into the future, delving into the ways AI, particularly Large Language Models like GPT-4, has the potential to enhance humanity in crucial domains such as education, business, and creativity. Purchase the audiobook here >>

Marketing Artificial Intelligence by Mike Kaput

Artificial intelligence holds the potential to revolutionize businesses and the economy, with a projected impact in the trillions of dollars. However, numerous marketers find themselves grappling with the concept of AI and its practical application in marketing endeavors.In reality, AI has the transformative capacity to reshape the landscape. While AI-powered marketing tools may not reach the science fiction ideal of self-sufficient, self-enhancing autonomous systems, even a small infusion of AI can yield substantial gains in productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. Purchase here >>

The best thing voice actors can do is learn about the changing and ever evolving technology.

Recommended Podcasts

Technically Optimistic by Raffi Kritorian

Explore the pivotal moment in AI's evolution with Technically Optimistic. Join host Raffi Krikorian as he engages experts from various fields in conversations about AI's power, risks, and its transformative impact on our world. In six episodes, gain profound insights into the ethical dilemmas, opportunities, and trade-offs posed by AI.

The Marketing AI Show

Welcome to the Marketing AI Show, a podcast demystifying AI for marketers. Get the latest global AI updates and insights into its impact on marketing, hosted by Paul Roetzer and Mike Kaput from the Marketing AI Institute.

Future of Voice by the Open Voice Network

The Future of Voice podcast, led by Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network, an open-source community within The Linux Foundation. This podcast delves into the significance of voice technology in building a safe, ethical, and open world. Discover it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts through the icons below or search on your preferred podcast platform.

In Conclusion

In a world where technology and creativity intersect, voice actors have an incredible opportunity to harness the potential of synthetic voice and AI. I encourage you to explore the recommendations I've shared, immerse yourself in the knowledge they offer, and embrace the future of our industry. As we continue to refine our craft and adapt to the changing landscape, remember that your voice remains your most powerful instrument. Stay curious, stay informed, and let your talent shine in the world of synthetic voice.

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